Dinosaurs and Flowers

Dinosaurs and Flowers

Another blog for the kids. I love crafting with my kids, maybe even as much as they love it. So when it came to their birthdays this year we had lots of fun making party favors ourselves. They were free and unique and that more special to our little guests too!

The kids were born 3 days (and 4 years) apart so we have a big party for the both of them together. The 2 year old wanted a dinosaur theme and the 6 year old wanted a flower theme. Here’s the how to for each favor we did. I got the basic ideas from websites, though we tweaked generously, so will give credit where due.

Flower bookmarks

If you’d like to try this fun craft with your little readers you just need foam board, foam stickers, glue, and ribbons. Cut foam board to the size you want, cut ribbon to size, and glue on foam board, top with foam board stickers. Easy and quick and cute!

inspiration credit: http://www.activityvillage.co.uk/felt_and_ribbon_bookmarks.htm

Dinosaur Finger Puppets

To do this fun simple craft you only need foam board and silly eyes. Optional: feathers and foam stickers. I drew a template on paper first and used the inside of an adult ring to make the circles for the kids’ fingers. When you’re happy with the template, cut it out and trace it on foam board. Cut out the foam board and decorate your dino by gluing on feathers, shapes cut out of foam board, and eyes. Spikes, rock star hair, stripes, and spots are fun! Enjoy!

This would be super easy to adapt to any animal shape. The kids stick two fingers through the holes and these are the dino’s back legs.

inspiration credit: http://www.enchantedlearning.com/crafts/puppets/twofinger/