On Second Thought... And Another Thought

On Second Thought… And Another Thought

A sad confession. Remember the No-Oven Muffins a couple posts back? Well, turns out they weren’t such a good idea. I retract my statement that you can make muffins without an oven and will stick to quick breads in the bread machine.

My crock-pot broke. The ceramic cracked and split with a very small bump that should not have broken it. After we saw the inside of the ceramic (see below) we figured it out pretty quickly. Seems like one of those warnings you’d read and think “What idiot would contrive to do that anyway?” CAUTION: Do not run your crockpot with nothing in it! Which is essentially what I did because the muffins were elevated off the bottom of the crock. It appears the heat, without any food to transfer directly to, “burnt” the ceramic. Ah well, one has to experiment, right? I just wish I hadn’t done it so publicly this time. I take that back. Maybe this will stop someone else from being so very creative with a crock-pot and regretting it later. On to something else now… with a happy ending.

And Another Thought

One of my inspired happy places is re-purposing, like in my sweater post. Here’s another re-purposing that may make you see things in a new light. The picture from above is from about 2 1/2 years ago, not my current pregnancy. I don’t think I’ve worn that shirt since the picture but I like the fabric a lot. One day, going through my closet I saw it in a new light. A little snipping, taking in, more snipping, and voila!

A dress that will get much more use than it ever did as a shirt, and a very happy little girl with a twirly skirt. Makes me smile.

So, if you’re like me and you have some clothes you don’t really use but keep them around because you like some aspect of them, well, go look at them again. Squint real hard and see what you see this time.

Try it on, pinch it up here and there, measure, pin, sew, and enjoy!

And stay tuned for more ideas, and more details on how to execute. I’ve got a list full of ideas, and a box of clothes with a transformation for each in mind. I’ll include some step by steps in the future.