Merry Randomness

Merry Randomness

This time of year I wish I could crochet as fast as this lady can knit. No, really. I’ve been applying some of her tips to crochet, since she knits with the continental method, and am impressed so far. So, if you are crocheting presents and wish they’d go faster… or just want to be amazed at how very fast a person can knit take a look at the video.

How I’ve applied it:

1. Make sure I’m relaxed.
2. I’ve been holding my yarn like she does, at the tip of my left index finger instead of further back on my index finger. Then my finger is right at the fabric and hook and can help feel the next space for the hook to go in and can help get the yarn over the hook. After my hand muscles got used to it, it’s been a lot less strain on that finger.
3. I studied my crochet hook and hand movements and eliminated any unnecessary movements. For example, I found I was pulling back at the end of each stitch to which really wasn’t needed. So now I go straight into the next stitch more smoothly.

And I’ve been working on not looking when I crochet. I’ve been reading while crocheting. Makes me happy.

Only 7 more Christmas presents to make… and only 6 days left. :) But hey I’m pretty happy because I think I’ve made about 35 presents already. Really. Crazy. Yes. But many were small  and thoughtful and I’m happy with them.

And my gorgeous vintage sewing machine kinda started to electrocute me a little when I use it. Very sad as I had to sew a lot of those presents. I had to use my old machine for some. I looked at all the wiring and couldn’t find anything wrong so ordered all new electrical components. The one downside of these machines being all metal is that they conduct electricity so well! I expect to have it fixed soon though.

Drew wanted to deck out our house this year. She was very inspired by one neighbor that goes all out on the inflatable lawn things and the lights. We let the kids decorate a yummy house instead. I think this is what she’d have our house look like though… I love gingerbread houses. I can’t wait to eat it. But for now it’s so adorable that I’m resisting. I know that when I begin to eat it I will shortly thereafter have to throw it out. Because I will not want to eat the whole thing… which is what will happen if I allow it to stay. Oh and no judging on the house… or the want of the eating of the house. The kids decorated it… mostly.

See the Christmas tree in the back window? Don’t ask me what everything else it.

This last week my mom was in town and THE toy that was a big hit at our early Christmas was this. It’s a crochet frisbee type disc. It’s awesome for throwing indoors because it doesn’t break things. It throws so easily and so well that we were all much impressed. Not only that, it’s fair trade so if you buy one you are helping give business to a company that fairly employs women in impoverished countries. So, in case you DON’T want to have the stress of figuring out how to crochet as fast as that lady above knits… just buy one and you have something awesome and handmade to give to that group of people that is so hard to make things for… men. :)

That’s it for today…