Validation Images

My current output is this and it is my blog so this is what gets written today. No, I didn’t make anything and I didn’t even take a picture of anything. A bit of a different flavor than normal to this post. What can I say? I’ve been contemplative.

I have beyond natural trouble reading validation images. You know… they’re all over the place online. You type what the picture says to prove you’re not a computer. Well, apparently I am a computer.

For a girl who loves words, I’ve learned thoroughly that they are best when severely restricted in quantity. Someone said, “Everything is easier said than done. Except talking, that’s about the same.” I would add that this is probably why talking is so commonly overdone. If I could un-say all the things I regret or that were pointless to say, than many people might wonder if I’d taken a life vow of silence. At very least, I’d seem to be much nicer and wiser than I am.

A favorite word today: succinct.

Comments turned off. This is a bit like a journal entry made public and if would just be uncomfortable if the journal spoke back. :) (Awkward grin.)