Cat Hooded Towel

Cat Hooded Towel

For Christmas my kids all got hooded towels that I made for them. They were super easy to make and are made using a standard size towel and a couple washcloths (or a hand towel in the case of the dinosaur one).

I already blogged about how I made¬†the dinosaur towel and blogged a monkey towel I made before. I did change this monkey towel little for my little girl by making it pink and embroidering pretty girl eyes with eyelashes. I also sewed the hood slightly different to get rid of the point. I explained that step in the dino towel tutorial if you’re curious.

My older girl got the cat towel. Believe it or not, I only just now realized I forgot whiskers. Thus goes real life!

I followed the same basic instructions as for the monkey towel to make the cat towel. But instead of a monkey face and ears, I made triangular cat ears and embroidered a cat face. I also added a tail. You can see here I cut two thicknesses of fabric from an extra washcloth for each ear and the tail. Then I sewed along the edges a few times to stop fraying and next sewed them into place on the towel.

The kids were thrilled and this is one thing that mommy made them that they really love!