Painter's Canvas Curtain

Painter’s Canvas Curtain

I love ways to make our small spaces more functional and aesthetically pleasing all at once. And I love painter’s canvas. I’ve made it into roman shades, knitting needle and crochet hook organizers, and now curtains. Next up may be pillows. The light soft natural look and feel of painter’s canvas is lovely, and it’s extremely inexpensive.

Our little laundry area was covered with big heavy noisy doors that constantly went crooked on their tracks and were not a joy to run into when left open in our little hallway. Instead I got a track from Ikea, and some rings with little clips from Amazon. After these were up, I just clipped on the painters cloth and marked it at floor length. I didn’t cut the cloth but instead made a super big hem. One sewn long straight line later and voila. I love the curtains and not seeing our laundry mess. The area is also more ventilated now than it was with the doors.

This may well be the end of house projects on my blog for a while. The house is done now, perfect. And just in case you get jealous of that or think that this must not be real life let me tell you we finished all our projects just in time for us to move. Our house officially went on the market today and I’ll be moving for the 9th time in 11 years. Change is inevitable. :)