Stretch Lace Headbands

Stretch Lace Headbands

This is, hands down, the easiest sewing project I’ve ever seen! I am loving it right now for that reason and many others. The stretch lace was bought with another project in mind, but after I got the idea, I have used almost all of it for making headbands. I can’t help myself. It’s that easy and quick that it’s a little addictive. Plus, these headbands are very gentle and are the only kind that I don’t get headaches with and that my littlest girl will wear comfortably. They do not slip much even on our super fine hair which is a big plus too!

I’ll tell you how they’re made but it’s not much of a tutorial… kind of embarrassing how few steps there are here. But I have a couple tips for you.

First, the stretchy lace for the adult ones in the picture is 2 inches wide and the stretchy lace for the child size one is 1 inch (though I’ve also used 1/2 inch for kids.) My favorite place to get it inexpensively is I’m not affiliated but I did have a great experience ordering from them.

I found that every lace stretches differently so I think the best way to get the right measurement is to wrap it around your head as tightly as you will want it to be, then mark it. You can then cut others of the same lace from that measurement if needed.

Then, all you have to do is stitch it together. I use a zigzag stitch with medium length and width and back tack at the beginning and end.

Cut off extra stings and fabric and that is really all there is too it. You could embellish more but I was happy with my super fast project.

She even posed for me…
Brother hugs- just because it was too cute to not share.