Flowered Towel

Flowered Towel

My littlest niece gave me a chance to do what I love to do. Making things for my loved ones is something I treasure. I’ve made these towels before but not with flowers or matching washcloths. If you are interested in how to make them see the instructions in this post for the basic hooded towel.

IMG_20140522_175629348  IMG_20140522_175744893


My girl trying on the towel for her cousin.

I use scrap fabric and little pieces of washcloth for the flowers. Making the pinwheel flowers is very easy. If you want five petals, just cut out a pentagon. Cut as many sides as you want petals. It is fine if it’s a little wonky. Then just snip out each corner. I sew the flowers to the towel with zigzag stitch or several lines of straight stitch, then I sew on little circles for the centers. It was a little too easy to make these. I made way more than I needed, which gave me an opportunity to embellish some matching washcloths too.

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