Christmas Candles

Christmas Candles

So… this is an awesome time of year and I’ve been enjoying creating a lot of things for Christmas. I thought I’d share one of my projects from last year, so that I’m not giving anything away to recipients this year. It was fun and easy and a very versatile project.

As a result of moving many many times in the past years I had an assortment of candles that didn’t quite make the heat in a move or two. They were warped and smooshed after being partially melted in the moving van. You may have candles that have burned down to about nothing. Why throw away the wax when you can up-cycle? Last holiday season I saw a set of little Christmas mugs and dishes at a second hand store for a few dollars. Soon my warped candles and my few dollars became these:

I did invest a little in candle wicks and scent which I’m sure you can find in any craft store. Scents for candles are available in a variety of holiday, and other, scents. We went with spiced pear I believe. I wasn’t brave enough to do the dye too but later I kinda wished I had. These would be beautiful in glass jars too! Just make sure they’re ok for heat first. Canning jars would make beautiful holiday candles. Here’s the step by step how to in case you’re inspired.


Candle Making

1. Prepare your mugs, jars, or muffin tins. If using muffin tins or something else as a mold, grease it first with cooking spray.

2. Prepare your wicks by tying them around pencils or a similar object. The pencil is laid across the top of the mug (or whatever you’re using), in such a way that the wick hangs straight down. Trim the wick so it reaches to the bottom of your container and hangs nicely.

3. Melt your candles in a saucepan over low/medium low heat. Follow instructions on the candle scent and or dye for adding it in.

4. Pour melted wax extremely carefully into the prepared containers. Let them cool in a safe place.

This year, I am yet again melting wax. But not candle wax! You’ll have to wait till after Christmas to find out what we’re doing with wax this year. Have fun Christmas crafting!