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This is my blog. Get inspired to create handmade things, check out my patterns and tutorials for the how-tos. The creative process, from the first inspired moment to completion, is a joy to me. I love sharing that experience and the final products with you.

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Little Ruffle Purse

Little purses are needed by little girls. It’s a very important thing to have things you must carry with you, just like a lady. Mommy’s purse is a magical place with everything you could need. A tissue, lipstick, gum, snacks, money, things unidentifiable but so important that Mommy says her purse is “mine” and “off …

Blue Washcloth

For my last “Spring cleaning” washcloth for now, I chose this pretty vintage looking light blue color. The pattern reminds me some of ocean waves. I do try not to whine about it, but the truth is that one of my least favorite household tasks is kitchen duty. It’s probably because it never ends. Having kids home …

Green Washcloth

There are many things about Spring that I love. Admittedly, Spring cleaning is one of them. The thunderstorms and rainy weather are another. Cloudy stormy wet days have already brought flowers and new growth in my garden. The greens are brilliant, fresh, and vibrant. So here’s my green washcloth pattern inspired by Spring in more …

An Orange Washcloth

There once was a lady that brought her crochet everywhere. She stabbed at it with her crochet hook dramatically, joyfully and the yarn zipped along and eventually one thing or another popped out. She said never wrote down what she did and never did the same thing again. I was totally inspired by her joyful …

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