Lace Headbands (Take Two)

Lace Headbands (Take Two)

After I made these beautiful headbands that I love, I of course, thought of how to make them better. I wanted to make some for gifts but was concerned that they wouldn’t fit as perfectly if I didn’t measure them to fit. Also, I wanted to make them for babies whose heads grow so fast that nothing fits for long if it isn’t adjustable. So I decided tying the stretch lace headbands was brilliant. The lace is so gentle that I don’t get headaches from it (like I do from every other headband.) This makes it really great for babies’ or little girls’ delicate heads too. The bit of stretchiness also keeps them in place better… even on fine baby hair.

My eager model is wearing a mommy size one… The tie can be shorter.

Some for a new mama, some for her baby… (Ignore the gray one. Maybe a tutorial coming later on that)

So to make this version, I cut them longer than they needed to be….

then finished the ends by folding them in and stitching thus

Trim off any extra and voila… Easy easy.

I love this look too and think it is a great and more versatile headband.

And a few more pictures of my cute model.