Sweater Pillow

Sweater Pillow

Seems I’m forever making things out of sweaters. So my stash tends to attract them. This project is about as quick and easy as it gets in the sewing world. I wanted to get my “future project stash” smaller before we moved but I needed quick projects because, well, I should have been busy packing instead of creating. So this little pillow was born.



Sweater Pillow

I took a sweater with great texture and my favorite color and a pillow I was tired of.

The pillow fit perfectly inside the sweater, so I just cut across the top to leave a little extra on the top and bottom for seams.

I turned the almost pillow cover inside out and sewed up the top… and some of the bottom seam. I left a big enough hole to be able to turn it right side out and stuff the pillow back in. Now if you didn’t have a pillow to use you could really just stuff this with stuffing instead of a pillow (as long as your sweater doesn’t have a loose weave.) This one was pretty felted so would have held stuffing.


Once I turned it inside out and got the pillow in I folded the remaining open part in and hand stitched it closed.

I love hand stitching. Is that weird?


And I love my new pillow!

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