A Yellow Washcloth

A Yellow Washcloth

I think of my crochet washcloths as a throwback to a simpler time when almost everything you had, you had made yourself. Even if it was a very practical thing, I imagine a lot of thought and care went into making it beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, I fully appreciate many of our modern conveniences! I know those “simpler times” were a lot less simple in some ways. But I am captured as well with the thoughtfulness of a beautiful and handmade utility item like a washcloth. Who says it has to be plain? I’ll take a pretty and practical one to brighten up the household chores, thanks!IMG_4380

I’ve been having fun coming up with designs for washcloths. I have 4 patterns done and am working on one more. I’ll be releasing the free patterns one at a time for a bit here. 100% cotton yarn is best for these as it’s absorbent and washes well. I like many of the solid colors in the Sugar and Cream yarn line so I used some of them that remind me of Spring. I just bought some garden seeds today and we’re looking forward to that new season so it seemed appropriate. This yellow one is a really fun texture to crochet and to look at. It’s also good for scrubbing!

IMG_4389 IMG_4384


Yellow Crochet Washcloth

Size I crochet hook, 100% Cotton Sugar and Cream Yarn
Finished size 7″ x 7″

28 foundationless sc (or a multiple of 2)
If you don’t know how to do a foundationless sc, you can certainly ch 29 (or any uneven number) then turn, hdc in the 2nd loop from the hook and hdc even across. Then pick up with Row 1.
Row 1: ch 3, turn, sk 1, sl st, *ch 3, sk 1, sl st* repeat between *s across(56 total)
Row 2: ch 2, turn, *sc in space, ch 1* repeat between *s across (28 total)
Row 3: *ch 3, turn, sl st in space between scs* repeat between *s across, end with a sl st in the space after the last sc (56 total)
Row 4: repeat row 2
Row 5: repeat row 3
Row 6-26: Alternate repeats of row 3 and row 2. End with a row 2 repeat.
Row 27: ch 1, turn, hdc across

To make a loop: ch 10, sl st back at same spot, ch 1, turn, sl st along loop again.