Take scrapbook paper and insert in picture frame behind glass. Use letter stickers to write FOOD. Use dry erase marker on glass to write the week’s menu. Done.


This was my fastest and maybe most functional diy ever. I use it every day! I’ve been drooling over menu boards on pinterest and mine is not the most beautiful or complicated of them but I wanted it to be super simple, easy, and customized. So, I rewrite it all every time I use it. This is perfect for when I want to start the menu on a different day of the week or whatever. The snack ideas keep me presenting healthy options and a variety of what we have instead of caving to demands. The ideas section helps me when planning the next menu or switching out meals. My menu is not the end all (it works for me not the other way around) and often gets changed but I do love having it roughly planned so that I can get everything at the store that I need, and know what I need to thaw when, and not have as much food waste, and have a good plan for supper. The kids can also read what’s for supper instead of being on my back about it. Somehow seeing it in black and white means less complaining on their part that they aren’t happy about it. Menu planning has solved so much of all that drama. Yup, I’m in love with menu planning. 🙂

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