Dad Rocks

For my husband’s birthday this year the kids wanted to make him some things. I think they also wanted to play with clay.

Israel decided to make a our family out of clay and recruited Drew’s help for the faces and girls.


Drew made a Dad Rocks decoration/paper weight/door stop out of rocks. We got the idea from here but she uses salt dough instead of a large rock. I thought I’d share the how to in case someone else likes the idea. We loved how it turned out and it made a funny present to open as he thought we had wrapped up a large rock for his birthday.


After a pebble and rock search and find, we arranged them to spell “Dad rocks.” Then we took oven bake clay (super sculpey is what we had) and mixed the beige clay with a bit of gray to make a color similar to the main rocks color.


Then we took little lumps of clay and put them on the large rock.


We pushed the pebbles down into the clay and smashed the clay up onto the sides of the pebbles. When they were all in place, we made sure none of them had gotten knocked loose and baked the whole thing per directions.


They are pretty secure after baking, but we haven’t tried to pull them off. We’ll see how long it lasts. I think it will be pretty easy to fix with glue or new clay if it ever needs it.

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