A Little Thing

Sometimes I feel the weight of starting again in a new place. The to do list (or more like the “want done” list) is so long. The number of imperfections my detailed eye sees each day is high. I remember the houses and gardens I have labored long in and had to leave and it’s hard to work again. There is un-tilled hard dry soil and places that have been long let go.

This one spot used to be just overgrown grass and weeds… and now it’s overgrown seeding grass, and dying grass, and a sparse garden. It has seemed that my plants feel about how I do about our weather that has run into the triple digits too much already this year. They need water every morning and they bite the dust if I’m a little late with it. But there are a few tiny blooms that opened bold.

If you asked me what my favorite place was it would be something that involved lush nature: a cabin in the woods with a hammock and a book, a shady spot under a tree in the green grass, abundantly producing gardens. It all moves me.

Potential and perspective are the two that get me through right now. I can just see what it all could be if I close my eyes. And sometimes it’s best to just get down into it and get a better perspective so that I can be thankful for what is.

When I strap on my camera, sometimes it is an act of choosing to be thankfulness no matter what is in front of me. Because I know that I can get something in the lens, if I get down low, if I get close enough, that I want to see and capture and wonder at.

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