Easter Garden

Our kid’s chatted as they worked with their hands in the dirt.

“Does the Bible really say that Jesus was on the cross in the middle?”

“Who were on the other two crosses?”

“I know who died on the cross. It was God!” the 4 year old chimed in.

“The crosses weren’t really right by the tomb…”

We all worked together to make our miniature of the settings for the story. We searched for the perfect rock, big enough to cover the tomb, and finally found it. It looks heavy. It is. We found little rocks. “Make it looked like a paved path.” We found a baby tree and little weeds to be other trees. We scraped moss from the ground on the north side of our workshop. Today the rock stands solidly over the tomb. The crosses are empty on the hill.

IMG_5194IMG_5209Tomorrow, the stone will be rolled away. And on that day the air always fairly screams to me, “He is Risen!” The sound vibrates everything.

Making this garden is my favorite way, so far, of bringing realness to the remembrance for my kids.



I fell in love with this idea this year. Apparently it has been all over the internet and I couldn’t find an origin. Here’s how we did it though.

We used this plant saucer (though it was truly huge and deep). A basket, or tray would work well too. We used a shallow cardboard box to fill some of the empty space then laid our 4 ” plant pot in as the tomb. We covered all with dirt and then added rocks, moss, and plants from our land. We tied twigs with twine and our work was done.

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