When we bought our house we got a warehouse with a lot of… stuff… in it. I call it stuff because my husband doesn’t like it when I use the word “junk.” Among all of this stuff there are some useful things and hidden treasures. The kids found some wooden letters. There was no M though. So I bought one to make this for my Grandpa M. Now I want one. Though I’m thinking an S is going to be harder with its lack of straight lines.

This project was fast, fun, and very very sticky. I ripped up an old book, glued strips of paper to the letter, and let it dry on wax paper so it wouldn’t stick.

A tip: make sure to use nice words. I used the intellect section of an old thesaurus which was full of lovely words. Yes, I’m a word nerd that will probably clap my hands in pure joy when you use a word aptly. Like that one… aptly. Lovely word.

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