A week of Androids

A week of Androids

Just over a week ago I was clueless about what was about to happen. It started when Android Central featured the Droid robot I designed and make. Within the next 24 hours I got more comments, likes, tweets, and orders than I ever expected. It was quickly picked up by 3 other blogs and Gizmodo.com. Suddenly my site traffic was through the roof, orders stacked up, and I had a waiting list as long as my arm. I mean, I always thought my Android bot was pretty great but it’s been overwhelming to see the response of Android lovers everywhere. I feel like quoting…

(in deep commercial announcer voice)
Gizmoto raves: “Who knew the Android robot would be even cuter in crochet form?”
Android Central says: “…the little Android guy above is making me think I may need to take up a new hobby”
Slash Gear gushes: “DIY Android mascot crochet is cool!”

I mean it’s cool. What can I say? Ok, I’m done now.

I did have to tease my husband, Andrew, that I made it onto Gizmodo.com before him. Because the reality is, that if anyone I know would be on Gizmodo, it would have been him! He’s my inspiration for the Android AND the one that tipped off Android Central et al. He’s the one that measured the pixels of the Android logo so that I could make my Droid bot anatomically correct. He’s the gifted geek computer genius! Anyway, thanks, Andrew for all you do! (Did that sound like I was at the Emmys? Oops.)

In this last week I’ve gone international! Crocheted Androids have shipped (or will ship) to Sweden, Switzerland, France, Russia, Guatemala, Italy, and Germany. The pattern has been translated to French by a fellow blogger and amigurumi crocheter. Another person has asked to translate it to Spanish and I’ve given permission.

They haunt me… in a good way.

I’ve been so blessed by the response and so excited. I’ve been dreaming about Androids… when I’m sleeping and not making them. I see green constantly. My kids like my new job of making little armies of Droid bots. Though they want to keep all of them. The current wait list for a Droid is 2-3 weeks. (Which is particularly interesting considering I’m 3 weeks away from expecting a new baby!) In all, it’s been a week to remember. Maybe we’ll name the baby “Android.” But prolly not!

Links to websites that featured my Android Robot:
http://www.slashgear.com/diy-android-mascot-crochet-figure-is-cool-07131275/, http://androidcommunity.com/crochet-your-own-android-robot-20110207/

Link to pattern in French: