Randomness… ’cause that’s all I got. Is that cheating somehow?

I’m actually crocheting a new thing again. This makes me happy. And means that there will be a pattern of sorts on here again soon. Wanna guess what it is? I’m using up more of this yarn that I up-cycled from a sweater. It’s really fun to do so check out the post if you want to know how.

Blogs will never feel neglected. Children could. So it’s easy to choose my kiddos over “my poor neglected blog.” They are all sick right now and “have uckies.” Poor things. Here’s the youngest miserable one snuggling with Dada well past her bedtime last night just feeling ucky. But Dada always makes her feel better.

Yesterday one of the many finches that we love to watch in the backyard flew into the glass door and ricocheted off it into the back wheel of Drew’s bike. It was stuck in the spokes, axle, and bars of the frame with one wing bent back and one leg pulled to the side. It was very still. I came close and saw it was breathing hard, eyes half shut. Then it opened its eyes a little and leaned its head against the wheel. Poor thing looked miserable. Have you ever wanted to hold a wild bird in your hands? Well, apparently that’s been a dream of mine. I cautiously petted it (I’m scared of bird bites too) and as it didn’t respond much I gently untangled it and held it for a minute. I have to say it was just as great as I always thought it would be. Warm, unimaginably soft, fragile, and grateful. Of  course the grateful part is maybe all in my head. Hero complex much? I set it on our porch carpet and after a little while its legs uncurled and eyes opened and head lifted. It started keeping an eye on me when I brought out the camera. A little while later it flew away… a little loop-ishly. I think it was just stunned. Andrew said he would have just put the poor thing out of its misery with a bb gun.

I put together that maybe this homemade glass spray is a little too good for the birds. I tried it the other day (but must wipe it away with newspaper to really make the magic happen) and was marveling at how clean my glass door was. Maybe a little too clean. Whoops.

Drew decided to make a newspaper for her home school writing project. It’s way cute and I’ll  share it when it’s done. “Drew’s News.” Adorable. There’s a classified section that features my Droids for sale. And there’s a joke section.

I think I was feeling chatty after being cooped up with the kids. Thanks for listening. Now back to wiping snotty noses. And washing my hands. And wiping the snotty noses again… Washing hands again. Repeating…. again.