Droid Robot

UPDATE 2-20-11: *The Droid Robot is available again at my store!* Drooooooiiid!

This was a super fun project. I started it for my husband but after a few revisions I feel the little dude is ready to make his appearance. My husband loves his Google Android phone and here’s my version, in crocheted amigurumi form, of the Google Android logo.

This dude is available for sale in my store here. The Jingle Turtle that I blogged about before is also on my store website for sale and hopefully, you’ll see a few more new products soon.

Droid Robot


H hook
Super Saver Yarn “Tea Leaf” color
My finished product is about 5 1/2 inches tall

Row 1: 5 sc in loop, tighten
Rows 2: 2sc in each around (10 total)
Row 3: sc, 2sc, repeat around (15 total)
Row 4: sc, sc, 2sc, repeat around (20 total)
Row 5: sc, sc, sc, 2sc, repeat around (25 total)
Row 6: sc, sc, sc, sc, 2sc, repeat around (30 total)
Row 7-8: sc even around, sl st instead of sc for the last stitch of row 8 (30 total)
Row 9: sc blo, sc blo, sc blo, sc 2tog blo, repeat around (24 total)
Row 10: sc, sc, sc 2tog, repeat around (18 total)
Row 11: sc, sc 2 tog, repeat around (12 total)
Stuff head, but not so much that the bottom of the head bulges, you want it to be flat.
Row 12: sc 2 tog around (6 total)
Sew up hole and sew on eyes.

Antenna, join yarn to head with sl st, ch 4, sl st in 2nd ch from hook and in next 2 chains, join to head with sl st.

Row 1: 6sc in loop, tighten
Row 2: 2sc in each around (12 total)
Row 3: sc, 2sc, repeat around (18 total)
Row 4: sc, sc, 2sc, repeat around (24 total)
Row 5: sc, sc, sc, 2sc, repeat around, sl st instead of sc in last stitch of row (30 total)
Row 6: sc blo around (30 total)
Row 7-16: sc around, sl st instead of sc for the last stitch of row 16 (30 total)
Row 17: sc blo in each next 3, sc 2tog blo next repeat around (24 total)
Row 18: sc in each next 2, sc 2tog next repeat around (18 total)
Row 19: sc in next, sc2tog next repeat around (12 total)
Stuff, but not so much that the bottom and top bulge out.
Row 20: sc2tog around (6 total)
Sew up hole.

Arm (Make 2)
Row 1: 3 sc in loop, tighten
Row 2: 2sc in each around (6 total)
Row 3-9: sc around
Row 10: sc 2 tog around
Sew up hole.

Legs (Make 2)
Row 1: 8 sc in loop, tighten
Row 2: sc blo around
Row 3-5: sc even around
Fill with dry beans or put metal nuts or washers in the bottom of the foot, then fill the rest with beans/stuffing,  sew to body.

(Many thanks to the anonymous commenter that suggested the metal washers/nuts in the bottom of the feet to help Android stand!)

Sew all his robot parts together and he’s done!

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  1. Cute, my dad would haved loved this little dude.The big burly biker looking guy that he was.He used to teach the ladies to crochet at the Warren Mich Italian Cultural Center. He was irish.He would be very imprressed with your work and he would be home starting one and improving on the stand feature right now.Or maybe he would sew in plastic canvas on the feet bottoms to make him stand flat.Anyhow he is gone to heaven and I can almost hear him laughin at this little android bot.Great job

  2. Thanks everybody! I’m flattered. 🙂 Have yet to do video tutorials. I’m usually writing my patterns and crocheting them whilst homeschooling my 6 yr old and running after my 2 year old etc. That would make a good video though. We’ll see. For now you can probably find a good amigurumi tutorial on youtube to help with the basics. Or search for how to read crochet patterns. Good luck!

  3. @Terry- Your dad sounds like an awesome guy! Currently working on the standing issue. Trying bingo chips inside his feet 🙂

    @Brett- lol

    I don’t have tutorial videos… at least none yet but youtube has gobs of crochet tutorials so you should be able to learn what you need to know from there.

    @Erin- He’s 5 1/2 inches tall.

    Thanks all!

  4. blo= back loop only. Usually when crocheting you put your hook through both loops of the stitch below and then draw a loop through them. With blo, insert your hook only into the loop furthest away from you. The front loop that is left makes the nice ridge at the Droids angles. Hope that helps! 🙂

  5. @Lenny- I’m working on making more and hope to have some more available soon! You can contact me from my store at bethsco.com and then I will email you when they are in stock!

  6. It’s worsted medium weight 10 ply yarn. You could use any weight yarn with an appropriate size crochet hook! It will just affect the size of your finished product. Got the yarn I used from Walmart. Though I’m sure most craft stores would have it too.

  7. @Ami- You can certainly translate it to Spanish if you’d like and put it on your blog with a link to my blog and store. I’d love to be able to post the Spanish version on my blog too. Thanks!

  8. Made this with bedspread weight thread, since I’m just that kinda guy. He turned out 2.25 inches tall and 1 inch wide. The pattern matched exactly, but I used different feet so that I could stuff them better.


    He is chilling in a small flower vase that is filled with the same beads that I stuffed him with.

    Wanted to test out my new .04mm needle and some sewing thread to see if the pattern holds, but I need to get some green thread first.

  9. Kudos! My Google Android Team hubby sent me this url and is now saying it didn’t MEAN he wanted me to make him one… I a knitter that knows how to crochet… looks like I’ll be a happy hooker for this cute lil droid!

    Beautiful, thank you!

  10. @noah- I emailed you, but for anyone else having this problem I’ll sum up here. You want to hold the side of the arm to the side of the body where you’d like it fastened. Then sew the upper part of the side of the arm to the side of the body.

  11. Thank you for letting me know! Several others messaged me too and I’m blessed that people are getting my back. While I’m slightly flattered to have made something maybe worth stealing… it’s not ok with me. It looks like the seller “went on vacation” for now after being pestered by fans of the true authors of the patterns. Thanks again for protecting my work! I like making my patterns available for free and won’t stop. 🙂

  12. LOVE this project + your version of the little Android! Thanks SO MUCH for sharing your projects, patterns + pics! God Bless! 😀 I bookmarked your site for future reference + will TRY to figure out how to post it onto my Facebook to share with Crochet + Crafty Friends! 😀

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