Not Just a Crayon

Haha. I was so wrong. I said my last blog would be my last Christmas blog. Well, I forgot about this one. It’s not really a Christmas craft anyhow, we just used them for part of our presents for the kids’ friends and cousins. Besides, I got all my Christmas blogs done before February. I’m proud of myself.

It’s a great craft because it used up the tub (no joke) of extra crayons that I had. It made them into new pretty and useful rainbow crayons and inspired the kids artistically. To make your own rainbow crayons, first put the kids to work de-papering and breaking up the crayons. Second, put the broken crayons into paper cups. It’s fun to group similar colors or make themed ones. Drew liked to make “sunset” crayons for the girls and “camo” crayons for the boys. We also found that glitter crayons make really pretty rainbow crayons. Next, I microwaved them for small increments of time until the crayons were just melted. If left in for too long the colors all run together making… mud… colored crayons rather than rainbow crayons. Finally, cool them, and when cool, peal the paper cups from around them. Let the kids scribble away!

I’ve heard that you can do the same thing with muffin tins or shaped molds in the oven if you’d prefer.



Ooh… melted crayon. Stinky but pretty.


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