A Lit’l Bit O’ Christmas

This year… we’re growing a family Christmas tree! We got the smallest potted evergreen tree we could find and the kids are excited to watch it grow and take care of it. This is part of our more simple holiday season this year and I LOVE it! It will have some lights and a star and some more ornaments soon but I still like it as is for now. In the years to come it will be fun to watch it grow and bring it in yearly (if we do not kill it.)

These last two years we have had quite the Christmas tree experiences! Two years ago we got a tree from a place by the roadside and later it filled our house with the worst fake pine smell ever. I was nauseated and it greatly impeded holiday baking. Blech!

One year ago we got this incredible tree from the mountain. It was beautiful but the trip to get there was memorable in a negative way. Due to ice and snow up to my mid-thigh, we had to use tire chains… and if we went over 20mph they flailed against our wheel well with such incredible noisiness that we thought for sure we were all going to die or something. The 1 hour trip turned into about a 4 hour trip… one way. While we will go to the mountains again for sure… for the snow if nothing else… our bitty Christmas tree is just my speed this year. 🙂

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