Android Coffee Sleeves

It’s no secret that we like Droid. For Christmas I customized some ofmy felt coffee sleeves/mug cozies with adorable Droids. Of course they are each holding a steaming cup of coffee… or tea… or hot chocolate. Whichever you like. 🙂

It was easiest to make a little Droid on graph paper, then cut that out and hold each piece on top of felt to cut out the right shape and size.

Here you can see the details. If you’re interested in making your own, I followed the same procedure as in the above link to make coffee sleeves, but before I sewed the outer and inner pieces together I hand sewed little Droid parts that I’d cut from felt. His eyes are little french knots. Don’t forget to stiffen the fragile pieces of felt before sewing them in place. That also is described in the above link.


Assembly line style. Lots of people I know like Android! The button loops are hair elastics that will be sewn on!

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