Snoopy and Woodstock just go together. So what else could I do but make Woodstock too? It was by request and I needed to do him quickly so I used the yarn I had on hand. But to make him more to scale with my Snoopy pattern he could be made with a smaller gauge yarn. Hope you enjoy the happy little guy! He’s got to be my personal favorite of the Peanuts characters!




He’s also for sale at my store.



homespun yarn, G hook

Finished product is about 3 inches tall.

Row 1: 4 sc in loop, tighten
Row 2: sc, sc, 2sc, sc (5 total)
Row 3: 2sc, sc, 2sc, sc, 2sc (8 total)
Row 4: 2sc, sc, sc, 2sc, sc, sc, 2sc, sc (11 total)
Row 5: sc3tog, sc2tog, sc2tog, sc3tog, sc2tog
leave a long tail, sew up
head feathers
using the long tail left from the head, starting at the base of the back of the head and working up to the top of the head:
ch 2, join back to head with sc, ch 3, join back to head with sl st, ch 3, join back to head with hdc

Row 1: 8 sc in loop, tighten
Row 2: sc, sc, sc, 2sc, sc, sc, sc, 2sc (10)
Row 3: sc2tog, sc2tog, sc2tog, sc, sc, sc, sc (7)
Row 4: sc2tog, sc, sc2tog (stuff with beans) sc, sc, sl st to round off

Wing (2)
join with sl st to body, ch 3, hdc in 2nd ch, finish off

Legs (2)
join to body with sl st, ch 5, 3hdc and sc in blo of 2nd chain from hook, sc in front loop only of same chain, sl st to 1st hdc

join to body with a slip stitch, ch 4, dc blo in 3rd chain from hook, sc blo in next

I kinda squish and pinch everything into the right shape as I make these little pieces… and also sew in tails carefully and deliberately to pull wings, feet and such into the right places.

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  1. Aww I just made him and he turned out so tiny! Supercute! I made the feathers on his head a bit fuller, I guess my yarn is thinner than yours or something. Thank you for sharing this pattern! I loved it and it was superquick.

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