(Update: Snoopy now has a little friend. Check out my version of Woodstock!)

My Grandpa has always loved the Peanuts comic strip. I remember him reading them to us when we were little and his smile and chuckle that are so dear to me. I get sad that I live so far away from him and don’t get to see him often. This year for Christmas I made up this Snoopy and his pattern… with the smile that it would put on Grandpa’s face in mind. And, of course, I knit my Snoopy a little bitty red scarf and sent him off to Grandpa.

Snoopy is also now for sale at my store.

I hope you enjoy him as well and the free pattern!



I used white, and a little black, worsted weight yarn and an H crochet hook.

Finished product is about 4 1/2 inches tall.

Row 1: 5sc in loop, tighten loop
Row 2: 2sc in each (10 total)
Row 3: *sc, 2sc* Repeat around (15 total)
Row 4-7: sc even
Row 8: sc, sc, 3sc, sc, 3sc, sc even rest of row (19 total)
Row 9: *sc, sc, 2sc* Repeat between *s 3 times, then sc even rest of
row (22 total)
Row 10: sc even next 17, sc2tog, sc even rest of row (21)
Row 11: sc even next 16, 2sc, sc, 2sc, sc even rest of row (23)
Row 12: *sc2tog, sc, sc* repeat 5 times, sc2tog, sc (17)
Row 13: *sc2tog, sc* repeat 5 times, sc
Row 14: sc2tog 7 times
Finish off, sew up

Ear (make with black yarn)
Row 1: 5sc in loop, tighten loop
Row 2: 2sc, sc, sc, 2sc, sc (7)
Row 3: sc even (7)
Row 4: sc2tog, sc, sc2tog, sc, sc (5)
Row 5: sc2tog, sc, sc, sc, sc, sl st to round off
Flatten and sew on

Nose (make with black yarn)
3 sc in a loop, tighten loop, flatten nose a bit into an oblong shape,
sew in place

Row 1: 6sc in loop, tighten loop
Row 2: 2sc in each (12 total)
Row 3: *sc, 2sc* Repeat around (18 total)
Row 4-6: sc even
Row 7: *sc, sc, sc, sc. sc2tog* Repeat around (15 total)
Row 8: *sc, sc, sc, sc2tog* Repeat around (12 total)
Row 9: *sc, sc, sc2tog* Repeat around (9 total)
Stuff with beans in the bottom and then stuffing
Row 10: *sc, sc2tog* Repeat around (6 total)
Row 11: *sc, sc2tog* Repeat around, sl st to round off (4 total)
Finish stuffing and sew onto head

Row 1: 8 sc in a loop, tighten loop
Row 2: sc even around
Row 3: sc2tog, sc, sc, sc2tog, sc2tog (5 total)
Row 4-6: sc even, sl st last stitch of row 6 to round off

Row 1: 6sc in a loop, tighten loop
Row 2: 3sc, sc, sc, 3sc, sc, sc, sl st (10 total)
Row 3: sc blo even around
Row 4: sc2tog, sc2tog, sc2tog, sc, sc2tog, sc (6 total)
Stuff foot lightly with beans
Row 5-7: sc even, sl st last stitch of row 7 to round off
Finish stuffing leg with beans… lightly

Row 1: 3sc in a loop, tighten loop
Row 2-4: sc even, sl st last stitch of row 4 to round off
(It is hard to crochet in the round with just 3sc… you could easily
join yarn with a sl st to where you want the tail to be, ch 4, sl st
in 2nd ch from hook, sc, sc, sl st back to body)

Spot (with black yarn)
6 sc in a loop, tighten loop, sl st in 1st sc

Sew spot on and sew black details.

(Update: Pattern for Snoopy’s scarf is now blogged as well! Enjoy!)

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47 responses to “Snoopy

  1. After I make the ears I flatten them. And you can try to keep a tight tension and count stitches. It is hard to make those littlest parts! If that doesn’t help, you can send me a picture…

  2. Yes, I whipped up the scarf quickly. It was a k1, p1, and I slipped the last stitch of each row. Not sure how many I cast on (I think it was an odd number) or how many rows I did. :/

    You could easily ch for as long as you wanted the scarf then sc a couple rows till it is as thick as you want, and add fringe.

    Sorry about that. I thought of writing it down. Maybe I’ll try it again and write down the pattern this time.

  3. Christina- Try making sure your tension isn’t too loose. It’s hard to not get loose on little pieces worked in the round, and shape it as you go. Hope that helps!

  4. thanks so much for the pattern! my parent’s both love snoopy, as do I. I can’t wait to get started!!
    I hate to correct you on something so ridiculous, but you forgot the n in snoopy. “And, of course, I knit my Soopy a little bitty red scarf and sent him off to Grandpa.” This is from the first paragraph. Sorry to correct, but my mind is just wired to correct!

  5. Where can I find your pattern for Snoopy’s scarf? Snoopy and Woodstock are so adorable! I crochet things for Operation Christmas Child, an organization that gives shoe boxes filled with simple gifts to needy children all around the world. I think I will crochet both! They will make welcome friends for needy child, and surely bring a smile to their face.

  6. Hi, Pam. Glad the pattern will get good use! Click on the link at the end of the post that says “Pattern for Snoopy’s scarf is now blogged.” That will take you to the scarf instructions. Thanks!

  7. Thanks for this pattern. I love it and will make it for Christmas for my husband who loves Snoopy. Just one concern.

    I don’t see how many ch’s you are supposed to chain before forming a loop and starting Row 1 in any of the body part sections. You just say to do a certain number of sc in loop, not how big to make the loop.

    Row 1: 5sc in loop, tighten loop

    1. Hi, SallyAnn. I don’t use chains to make the loops. You don’t want to leave any hole at the top so I use what some call a “magic loop.” It is,essentially, a slip knot like the one you make when you begin to crochet. But instead of your working strand being the one that can tighten the slip knot,the tail should. This way, when you are done making the row 1 sc in the loop you can pull on the tail to completely close the hole. You can go on YouTube and search for magic loop to get a visual. Another good method is called “amigurumi loop.” Hope that helps.

  8. Hi Bethany – these are the cutest – I saw your Snoopy and Woodstock – our church has a craft fair every November – it’s our main funraising event. Could I make a few sets to sell there?? How do I give you credit if you allow this? Thanks again!

    1. Thank you! I allow them to be made for charity. You can give me credit however seems appropriate to you. Glad the pattern is getting good use!

  9. hi, i love this pattern? just a request, please could you just give me a list of the abbreviations you used, because i am fairly new to crochet, but i live in England and our crochet stitches have different names to yours! 🙂 it would be much appreciated, i think he’s absolutely fabulous

    1. Hi! Glad you like the pattern. Unfortunately I’m not very familiar with the UK terms and their US equivalents myself. You could probably find a website that would translate them for you far better than I could! I wish you luck.

  10. I’ve made him a few times now, but I just wanted to share today’s photo with you and to say THANK YOU hugely for such a lovely pattern. I’ve got some goldish yarn at the moment, so I might head over to the woodstock pattern and make a little friend for this dude 🙂

  11. Hi,I love your cute pattern but when you say sc,sc,sc3,sc,sc3,sc and then (work even) to finish the row..what do you mean?
    Do you keep doing the same stitches or do you work even in just single crochet?
    Thanks Maria 🙂

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