Paper Birds

Birds. I can’t get away from birds. They invade my brain (in a non-creepy way!) when I’m imagining what to craft next. I crochet them, crochet them again, applique them, sew them, draw them, make tags with birds on them, and then make birdseed ornaments. And if you count owls, I crochet those too. I like birds apparently. Here’s my next take on birds using book pages.

I’m a book lover so it’s hard for me to ruin a book for any reason. But their pages do make beautiful art and fun paper cutting, folding, and pasting products. I finally found a book that was basically ruined but I could salvage pages from it to recycle for this project.

The tutorial and pattern for this project is below.

img_4199 img_4202 img_4219img_20161224_144959

Paper Birds


The final product is about 3 1/2 by 1 1/2 inches.

Materials you need:
-Printer and printer paper
-Book pages
-Stick Glue
-Hole punch

Assembly Instructions:

  1. Print out the template in the link above. Cut out the patterns and trace around each of them twice on book pages. (Here’s where you get to preview the words if you’re picky about that sort of thing. I just didn’t want birds with sad words.) You will need 2 birds, two wings, and two “under wing” shapes for each bird you’d like to make. Then cut out the pages. Next, pet the cat who is invading your crafting territory, if applicable.
  2. Glue both bird bodies together, matching the edges and trimming any extra as needed.
  3. Hole punch the bird bodies where the wings will later hide the holes. Tie the twine and attach it.
  4. Glue the wings together as shown. Leave the pointed ends loose only putting glue on the rounded and straight ends, not on the pointy ends. Glue the wings into place over the holes you made earlier concealing them.
  5. Curve the pointed ends of the wings by rolling them around a pencil or pen.

All that’s left is to hang them somewhere fun and enjoy!


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