My Favorite Mug Cozy

My Favorite Mug Cozy

You might have seen the crocheted coffee sleeve/mug cozies I made here. Or the felt ones here. Or the felt ones with coffee loving Androids here. Here’s my final (well, final for now at least) variation on the coffee sleeve/mug cozies. And it’s my favorite. I love this fabric! The teal and green is pretty perfect together! I like the way it rolls up so tiny and the elastic holder wraps around it too. Very convenient!

They are simple to make! So if you want to make one, grab a cardboard coffee sleeve from a popular coffee shop and I’ll show you how! You’ll also need fabric, felt, a button, and a hair elastic.


Mug Cozy

First, take apart that cardboard coffee sleeve and cut off the extra bit that overlapped to hold the sleeve together. Voila, you have a template in your hand now. Lie your template on some felt and cut a piece of felt the same size. Mine here is tan colored. Then lie your piece of felt on the fabric you’d like to use and cut out the fabric just 1/2 inch larger around. below you see my fabric with the felt lying on top of it.

Then lie your fabric right side down, then your felt in the center of the fabric. Fold the extra fabric over the felt and iron to crease.

Fold the edge of the fabric under again and iron to crease.

At the corners fold a bit in to tuck it out of the way, then fold the next side down in the same way as above.

See, a very nice edge. (Sorry about the ugly terrycloth towel that I iron on. So is life…)

Sew around the edge. I like the gold thread I used very much with the teal and green.

Then hold your mug cozy around the type of cup you want to use it on to decide placement for the button and elastic. All of mine were measured as below and worked for the standard to go coffee cup and small and large mugs. The elastic is very stretchy so just double check that it’s not too loose and you should be good to go. Sew the button and elastic in place.


That’s it. They are cute, fun, functional (they work better than the cardboard ones at not burning your fingers) and make nice presents.