Christmas Crafting

My yarn is flying into shapes, pulled by hooks and needles. Fabrics are being cut, folded, fixed into place with needle and thread. You might be, like me, checking off presents mentally and counting down gifts yet to make or get or think of. Christmas creating is fun for me and I like to make a lot of the gifts I give. There are some new secrets this year that I won’t share for the sake of Christmas day surprises, but I thought it would be fun to share some of the things I’ve made and blogged about in years past. Maybe you’ll get some ideas you’ve been seeking. Many of these are linked to their free tutorials or patterns from my blog. If you are looking to buy handmade things and don’t have the time to browse through all this, go check out my store. Otherwise, get some tea or hot cocoa or coffee or whatever your winter season drink of choice is and here goes…

Gifts for MEN

(the hardest to create for in my book)

1. Droid Robot (crochet pattern and available at my store)
2. Coffee Sleeves (crochet pattern, sewing tutorials 1, 2)
3. Twitter Bird (crochet pattern and available for sale at my store)
4. Bachelor Pads (crochet pattern)
5. Crochet Balls- great for juggling (crochet pattern)
6. Throwing discs (crochet pattern)

Gifts for KIDS

1. Monkey towel and washcloth puppet (sewing tutorials 1, 2)
2. Turtle (crochet pattern and at my store)
3. Bitty books (paper folding tutorial)
4. Elephant (crochet pattern and at my store)
5. Kitty (crochet pattern and at my store)
6. Monkey (crochet pattern)
7. Snoopy (crochet pattern and at my store) AND Woodstock (crochet pattern and at my store)
8. Huggable Art (sewing tutorial)
9. Bird (link to crochet pattern)
10. Mouse (crochet pattern and at my store)
11. Bunny (crochet pattern and at my store)
12. Bean bags and pillows (sewing tutorial link and tips)

Gifts especially for BOYS

(the second hardest to create for methinks)
Lots more boys ideas under the kids section…

1. Throwing discs (crochet pattern)
2. Crochet balls (crochet pattern)
3. Road pieces from jeans (tutorial)

Gifts especially for GIRLS

1. Embroidered decoration (inspiration)
2. Flower Purse (at my store)
3. Apron re-purposed from dress/shirt (sewing tutorial)
4. Dolly (sewing tutorial)
5. Sweet Crochet Dress (crochet pattern)
6. Flower Clips and bands (tutorial)
7. Chevron Shrug (crochet pattern)
8. Sweater to Dress (sewing tutorial)
9. Rainbows and Hearts Blanket (crochet pattern)
10. Scrap Paper Dolls (tutorial, print out)

Gifts especially for BABIES

1. Knit look Crochet Stretchy Hat (crochet pattern)
2. Baby leggings (sewing tutorial)
3. Hairpin Lace Blanket (crochet links and tips)
4. Baby Mitts (crochet pattern)

Women/Girl’s gloves

1. Twist Fingerless Gloves (crochet tutorial and at my store)
2. Ripple Lace Fingerless Gloves (crochet pattern and at my store)
3. Diamonds and Dashes Fingerless Gloves (crochet pattern and at my store)

Gifts for WOMEN

1. Mug cozy/coffee sleeve (crochet pattern, sewing tutorials 12)
2. Christmas Candles (tutorial)
3. Embroidered Bird Decorations (tutorial)
4. Hook and Needle Organizer (sewing tutorial) Circular Knitting Needle Organizer (sewing tutorial)
5. Homemade birdseed ornaments (tutorial)
6. Line a basket this was for a sewing kit for my little girl but could be used for Christmas basket! (tutorial)
7. Crochet Hook Organizer (sewing tutorial)
8. Bag from a pair of Shorts (sewing tutorial)
9. Birds (sewing tutorial link)

Creative Stocking Stuffer ideas

1. Play dough (tutorial)
2. Crochet balls (crochet pattern)
3. Home re-made Crayons (tutorial)

Wow, that was a true organized fit of creativeness. Hope you enjoyed my ideas! Merry Christmas creating!

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